Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Riley Wuz Here: Wisdom in Strange Places

The first season of Boondocks is one of the best cartoon/anime seasons ever. It carried over the best characters from the comic book series, and shone them in a completely new, more colorful light. Huey has always been the "voice" of the series, injecting some much needed stability into an otherwise insane and unstable cast of characters. It's ironic, and fitting, that the most poignant episode of the series focused on Riley, Huey's maniacal, shit-talking little brother

The difference between good painters and great painters is not how well they paint, but what they choose to paint about.

Obviously, Riley's art teacher was talking about painting, but a truer statement about writing has never been spoken.

It comes down to one basic idea: writing isn't just putting together words and sentences. In fact, that isn't even the most important part of the process.

This is why practice, why writing everyday is so important. Because writing every day inevitably pushes you to think and write outside of your comfort zone. It forces us to expand our range as writers, and in the process, we stumble upon our best ideas.

The most important part of writing is choosing a topic. A plot. A thesis. A premise, idea, setting, conclusion, and so much more. Great writing is defined by what you write, not just how well you write it.

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