Saturday, April 14, 2012

And Just Whom Might You Be?

I am a neophyte writer just working on his first book. It's been my dream for years to become a fiction writer. To write stories, to have them read, to have them published, to have them move the characters, the audience, and myself. And for years, I've been putting this dream off until tomorrow. Until I get my new computer. Until I get my life straight, until I have more free time. Until I'm looking in the rearview mirror at my life and I realize that my greatest regret was that I kept waiting until...

As I am a beginner, so is this blog the recording of a beginning. For me, for my first series of novels, Shades of Grey. For my first series of short stories, ESP, for my first real, sustained attempt at flying. Maybe I'll fail at every attempt, and maybe this journey isn't one I'm meant to finish. But the goal isn't the finish, it's that I take the journey at all. The attempt, the path, the Tao, is the goal, in and of itself.

This is just one more step.


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