Friday, April 13, 2012

The Morning Pages - 04/13/12

Writer Unboxed - The Community Behind the Independent Bookstore: Many brick-and-mortar stores are opting for bunker mentality. Staffs and inventory levels are being axed, hours are being rolled back. We watch as the last ebook-fueled escape pod from a reportedly doomed planet departs without us. Pundits give us dire prognoses, death sentences of five years, ten at the outermost, six months more likely.

Wordserve Water Cooler - Ten Steps to Finding a Publisher: If you are a first time author and looking for a publisher, you need to know several facts about the book publishing business. It’s a big ocean to dive into, and remember: there are sharks. Like any kind of business, and book publishing is a business, there are people who want to make a quick buck out of naive and vulnerable authors, so avoid them at your peril.

Red Lemon Club - 15 Reasons You Need to Grow on Twitter: On top of benefiting any blogs you might have, a large and growing network on Twitter should be in your best interest, as it is for me as a creative professional. I’m surprised when I see so many people miss the value in a large and growing network of people relevant to your industry. Perhaps you don’t know how to grow your Twitter followers effectively, or don’t yet see the huge value that doing so could present.

Writer Unboxed - On Rejection: As a writer, you may think you have the market cornered on this. This is one job where you can plug away for twenty years without positive reinforcement from the industry. Then one day, everything changes. Instead of an endless string of no-thank-yous, you get a yes, please. That sale or signing with your agent may change everything.But that first breakthrough doesn’t mean you’ll never hear the word “no” again.


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