Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Morning Pages - 04/26/12

Write to Done - A Step by Step Guide to Hiring a Freelance Editor: "You have to take into account that editing a story involves more than just a couple of general comments. Fiction books essentially need three types of editing – content editing, copyediting, and proofreading – and they should go in that order. When editing nonfiction books, the focus is usually on formatting, accuracy, copyediting, and proofreading. Whether the book is fiction or nonfiction, the chances of your friend or family member being as well-versed in those forms of editing as a professional editor is low."

Rachelle Gardner - Train Your Muse Like You Train a Puppy: "The secret to puppy training is getting your adorable fluffy friend to develop routine behaviors he can perform without even thinking. To help him develop good habits, repetition is key—doing the same thing over and over again. That’s the number one way to train your muse, too. Keep to a schedule; have a routine that works for you. Have certain “cues” that signal to your muse that it’s time to work: sit in a certain place, turn on certain music, get your favorite drink, whatever you need to do. Schedule + repetition = habit."

Another from Rachelle Gardner, an editor who interesting way of calling this a repost: "There comes a time in every writer’s life when they need to reduce their word count. Ack! Not my precious words! Even if your word count is fine, most writers would benefit from tightening up their manuscripts before submission. (I, for one, would appreciate it.) But how do you do this?"

The Urban Muse on the Importance of Proofreading: "No matter how small the mistake, if the client decides that they would not have made the same error then they inevitably begin to question why they are paying someone to write for them in the first place."

There Are No Rules - Three Reasons to Never Give Up: "There’s so much that gets published every year. We think of it as being so hard, and it is—I’m not saying it isn’t hard. But really there’s so much, and there are so many ways to publish things, and you have to be open to them, especially now, with the way the business is changing."

Courage 2 Create - How to Build Foundations Under Your Dreams: "Those who are in honest pursuit of their dreams might find themselves stumbling upon the following questions: How do I make sure that I’m building the strongest foundation for my dream? How do I make sure that my commitment to fulfilling my dream is kept strong over the long haul? What exact 'foundation' is strong enough to keep my 'castles in the air' in tact?"

Fuel Your Writing - The Y.A. Genre is Killing Itself: "Sci-fi blog io9 has noticed the trend, beginning an article last month with: “In the wake of The Hunger Games dominating the box office, studios are rushing faster than ever to find more young-adult books to turn into movies.” Producers and execs are panning through the dirt of a thousand similar plots and angst-ridden protagonists, all in the hope that they’ll find that one nugget that they can brush the mud off and show to the world."


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