Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Morning Pages: 05-02-12

Neil Gaiman interviews Stephen King: “Meeting Stephen King this time, the thing that struck me is how very comfortable he is with what he does. All the talk of retiring from writing, of quitting, the suggestions that maybe it's time to stop before he starts repeating himself, seems to be done. He likes writing, likes it more than anything else that he could be doing, and does not seem at all inclined to stop. Except perhaps at gunpoint.”

Wordserve Water Cooler on the virtues off Goodreads: "I recently had a Word Serve author ask me about Good Reads. Yes, another platform for you to market, represent yourself, and interact with people socially. ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE, REALLY? Yes. And I get it. As overwhelmed as you can be, it is more work and another learning curve, but I actually like Good Reads for those of us who are really “reading.” I find it to be an authentic community of readers."

Write to Done - How to Hack into Your Emotions: "Most people don’t recognize how debilitating emotions can be to the writing process.But, whether we’d like to admit it or not, writers are human beings. Emotions are just part of our biological makeup and they do, on occasion, get us seriously stuck.We ALL get sad, frustrated, angry, or depressed sometimes. It’s perfectly natural.But having feelings doesn’t make us weak or incapable writers—it just makes us human writers."


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