Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Morning Pages - 05-04-12

Wordserve Water Cooler - Want to Get Published? Think Out of the Box!: "I tried to break in as a fiction writer for years, first with a young-adult novel, then with a suspense-thriller. Both were well-written and polished. Both received good reviews from published authors. And both had received wonderful, glowing rejection letters, complete with encouraging notes from editors.[...] The first few times you get notes such as these, it is indeed encouraging.After you get about 30, you begin to wish someone would say, “Hey, pal, don’t quit your day job.”"

The Creative Penn - Why I Gave Up Trying to Build a Big Social Media Following: "I’ve studied and tried the “build a massive following” approach, which works great for some people; but don’t believe it’s the best approach for me, and perhaps most other authors as well. I actually use social media a lot, just not in the way many publishers and literary agents expect authors to use it."

Rachelle Gardner - Are Agents Running Scared?: "The role of literary agents is already starting to change, and this will continue. The role of many publishing employees will change too. The roles of writers have been changing in the last few years and will continue in that direction. Heck, people’s roles in countless industries have been changing rapidly as our technology changes, our economics change, and the role of marketing changes."

Wordcount - 31 Blog Post Ideas for 31 Days: "We’ve come up with theme days, a guest post exchange, a haiku day and a Wordle day to keep you going. But in case you need more inspiration, here are ideas for 31 posts – one for each day of the month. Use some, all or none of them depending on how your own blogathon experience goes. Even if you’re not involved in the blogathon, use these topics as inspiration when you need it." Note: Challenge Accepted - Simple Writing is Better: "It is not advisable to overwhelm the reader with big words. To be eloquent does require a rich vocabulary, but not overly obscure words. To be simple, yet complex is the real trick in writing. Even in descriptive writing I try to be very straightforward. Minimalism is a trend in UX design these days. Why can’t minimalism find its way into writing, too?"


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