Monday, May 14, 2012

The Morning Pages - 05-14-12

Wordplay is wrapping up a fantastic series on story structure that's a must-read.

What do you do when you hear about another story that's just like yours? "After I let the initial terror wash away, I usually think back to my college years. I once aimed on becoming a scholar of Comparative Mythology, but after receiving my master’s degree I decided that Ivory Towers were not for me. Nonetheless, my years studying myth have helped me deal with this fear.The lesson those years taught has now become something of a mantra I repeat to myself: any resemblance between your story and another story adds to your story—if you think about it properly." - Ebooks May Be Pressuring Authors to Write More, Faster: "It’s not just publishers asking the writers to do more, [...] but sometimes authors feel the need to keep busy themselves, just to make sure their name stays out there in the public eye. And since e-books are much more conducive to impulse-buying, having more titles available more often means they’re likely to sell more often to voracious readers who want to read anything they can get their hands on from their favorite authors."

Paper Book vs. Digital Book – Who reads which, where and why?: "the popularity of digital books is growing fast, which means that the reading habits of readers are likely to evolve and change as the penetration rate of e-reading devices grows, yet, reasons for choosing to read a digital book rather than a paper book such as reading while traveling or commuting, for which a whopping 73% of readers declare preferring a digital book are likely to remain accurate, if only because of portability and ease of immediate access to a new book, should the traveler finish the book at hand."


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