Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Morning Pages: 05-29-12

Newsmax - Veterans Writing Project: "As Americans honor the nation's fallen heroes this weekend with parades and private memorials, one group of veterans are gathering near the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. to bear witness by reading their own harrowing stories of sacrifice, triumph and tragedy on battlefields stretching from Vietnam to Afghanistan.The goal of the Veterans Writing Project, says founder and director Ron Capps, is 'to get military people and the families of military people to tell their stories.'"

The Wordcount Guide to Guest Post Basics: "Running guest posts is a smart way to expand your readership – because your guest will no doubt share links to their post with their own readers, who’ll then click over to see what’s up, discover how fabulous your blog is and put you in their blog reader.For newer bloggers, guest posts are a great way to make friends with other bloggers who can become a virtual support system – they blog for you, you blog for them. Who knows what could happen?"

Writer Unboxed - What Are the Best Writing Conferences?: "to answer the question, let’s just acknowledge immediately that there is no definitive answer. It will be different for everyone, so we must examine three things: 1) the different kinds of writers’ events, 2) how money plays into a decision, and 3) what you want to get out of the event."

Make A Living Writing: "What I Learned from Lunch with a Dead Woman: "Linda’s long battle with cancer was coming to an end. In a week, she would be dead.I’d say she was a dead woman walking…except she couldn’t really walk anymore.Linda was in a transformative state, almost a place between worlds. Life as she knew and loved it — in which she could drive, play, enjoy the sunshine, and go to synagogue — was over. In that way, she was already dead." An incredible read; the type of story usually lost in the everyday nature of the blogosphere.

Copyblogger argues that, "writing one epic post per week is a better long-term strategy than writing mediocre content every day.That’s what you’re aiming for in your start here: one weekly post that will attract attention, establish your authority, and encourage people to share your information.And keep in mind, Brian Clark built Copyblogger.com by writing two posts per week in the beginning."

Rachelle Gardner - All About Advances: "An advance is a 'pre-payment' of the royalties the publisher expects you to earn on your book. Let’s say the publisher has agreed to pay you a royalty of 8% on the retail price of the book, and your book is going to sell for $14.00. You are going to earn $1.12 for each copy of the book sold. So if the publisher has paid you an advance of $10,000, how many copies do you have to sell to earn out your advance? Your break-even would be 8,929 copies. Your publisher has already paid you the royalty on those first 8,929 units sold. If and when your book sells more than that, your additional royalties will start accruing at the rate of $1.12 per book sold."

Fuel Your Writing - Why Your Emotion Falls Flat: "It’s simple: it rarely occurs to most writers to study body language. They don’t know what to show in their writing. A common symptom of this is when you include only the facial expressions of your characters to convey emotions. But what was happening to the character’s body? Did she slump (depressed)? Was she playing with her hair (interest)? Was she sitting on her hands (guilt)?"

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