Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Morning Pages - 05/08/12

Wordserve Water Cooler - Never Submit Your First Draft: "Over the years I’ve harped at authors never, ever to turn in a first draft. Some writers think the editor’s job is to spiff up their grammar, correct misspelled words, change passive voice to active, eliminate repeated words and phrases, or do laser surgery on their mixed metaphors."

The Creative Penn - Growing Your Readership: "Have you thought about how fortunate we are to have the internet, POD publishing and ebooks? A world full of readers is at our fingertips, and with all the available information about writing and book promotion, many authors are successfully selling. You may be in a similar place, wondering what comes next. How do you keep it going? How you do grow your readership?"

A Publishing Horror Story: "Let me share with you the numbers of a book I wrote that was first published in January, 2002, still one of my favorites. My life-to-date statement says this book has sold 179,057 copies so far, and it has earned $20,375.22. That means the average I've earned is a whopping 11 cents per copy. If you use the cover price to calculate (the number used in the contract), which was $4.50 at the time of release, I've earned an AVERAGE of 2.4 % per copy."


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