Friday, May 18, 2012

The Morning Pages - 05/17/12

Write to Done - Copywriting is the Future of Writing: "The best copywriters in the world are those who are curious about life, read a great deal, have many hobbies, like to travel, have a variety of interests, often master many skills, get bored and then look for other skills to master. They hunger for experience and knowledge and find other people interesting. They are very good listeners."

Wordserve Water Cooler - Going from Self-Published to Contracted Author: "Five years ago, when I attended a Harvard University writers’ workshop for medical doctors, I was one of the few in attendance who actually had an edited, polished, pitch-ready manuscript in hand. But, still, I left that meeting with no agent and no publishing contract. The reason is I didn’t have a media platform."

TinHouse interviews successful writers on their writing habits: "Almost every day I begin the exact same way: I wake, shower, get in my car, drive 20 minutes north to the house where I grew up, where for the past five years or so I have been helping care for my father with dementia, I come into the house, I pour one large cup of coffee, one large cup of water, go into the room where I went through puberty, close the door, sit in the dark and begin my work, often typing in bursts and spurts punctuated by getting up to go help with my dad or other business, until the sun goes down, then I go home."

Squidoo - How to Write a Query Letter: "Writers use query letters to pitch article ideas to magazine editors or book ideas to agents and publishers. It's a one-page letter used to get an editor or agent interested in the work you'd like to send them. Sometimes writers submit a query letter about a piece they've already written--such as a manuscript for a fiction novel. Other times, you query to determine if you should write the piece, such as a nonfiction book."


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