Friday, June 1, 2012

The Morning Pages: 06-01-12


Newbie's Guide to Publishing on how blogging helps you learn: "But everything I write is already in my brain. That's not the way to learn. Knowledge comes from seeking outside sources of information, from looking at other points of view, from being forced to defend an argument or position from an attack that hadn't been considered, from changing viewpoints as new information or better logic presents itself.I go looking for that information. But there's also another way to obtain it. Namely, to host a forum, and let the information come to me in the form of comments."

Five Tips on Improving Your Writing.

Rachelle Gardner - Why Self Published Authors Should Seek an Agent: "1. If your self-published books are extremely successful, you may want an agent to shop the print rights and subsidiary rights such as audio, film, and foreign rights. “Extremely successful” can be defined in various ways, but certainly it would mean you’ve sold several thousand units on your own in a short period of time, maybe a few months.2. If you’ve self-published previous books but want to go with traditional publishing for your subsequent ones, you’ll need an agent for this."

The Creative Penn - How Self-Publishing Can Give You Professional Options: "Self-Publishing, or Indie Publishing, or DIY publishing, call it what you will, is seen in a number of lights in this industry. Undeniably, we Indie authors have caused quite a ruckus for both the consumer and the publishing house. This has caused a huge division of opinion, and can often cause quite a lot of animosity. Nevertheless, thanks to the internet, we have turned the publishing model on its head."

Goins, Writer - 10 Simply Tips on Writing Your Novel


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