Monday, June 11, 2012

The Morning Pages: 06-11-12

Tao te Soul Morning Pages

Orson Scott Card on Ray Bradbury: "Five years later, a young woman who lived across the street had to wear eyepatches for several days, making her effectively blind. I went over to her house to help her pass the time.I brought that hardcover of I Sing the Body Electric. I read to her.That was when I realized that Bradbury’s stories were not meant to be read silently. Your lips have to move, your voice has to produce those words, the cadences of his language have to rise out of your own throat."

Problogger - How to Use Metaphors to Engage with Readers: "Sean Platt’s The Eminem Guide to Becoming a Writing and Marketing Machine is a great example of metaphor. Writing a blog post is likened to Eminem’s storytelling and rapping techniques. This controversial headline is catchy and Sean uses a popular artist to make us identify with his topic right from the outset."

Cirqued Du Mot - Is Good Blogging Also Good Journalism?: "As bloggers we write opinions and are not journalists. It reminds me of every geeky argument I have had about pop culture. Why do they arise, because someone wants to argue about the number of original Star Trek episodes (do you count the original pilot? I do). They treat their opinions as facts and then beat down everyone who disagrees. It just makes you feel battered, not informed. I feel that way sometimes after I read a piece on someone’s blog."

The Recommender: A Blogger's Style Guide: "Music blogs moved on from being self-obsessed, online vanity projects some years ago. Sure there’s still a sense of them being personal, independent and amateur, but upon these sites are voices and opinions that are commonly regarded as ‘tastemakers’ within the music industry. The blogging sphere is a zone in which influence can now be dispensed, giving useful, ever-growing spotlights to the music we cover. Blogs have created a place where you can genuinely discover something new, a home which is now anchored at the new cutting edges of emerging music. They’ve not so much replaced the traditional music media, more they’ve added a new exciting layer to the underground of music."

Writer Unboxed - Writing in Miniature: "Any kind of fiction presents its challenges, of course, but I find short stories especially hard. You can’t afford to waste words. The prose needs paring down to the length that will fit your story most effectively; the language must be tailored precisely to the emotional resonance you want to convey to your reader; the ‘voice’ must be perfect. A short story is not just a story with fewer words, it’s a distillation of meaning into a small container. Open the bottle, reveal a whole world. For a novelist, writing short stories can be daunting. It’s like tackling a miniature after years of painting murals."

Scribofile - Who's Your Audience and Why Should You Care?: "The artistic process, whether painting or prose, is admittedly the child of self-expression. The long-standing image of the artist cloistered in her studio — hunched over his writing desk or standing before her canvas to create from the depths of his or her soul — is surely a truism. Artists create from the heart; we dive deep inside our often tortured souls and closeted past to draw out the universal metaphors that speak to humanity and share—Ay, there’s the rub. For to share is to have a dialogue and to have a meaningful dialogue is to demonstrate consideration of the other. Somewhere in that journey that began with self, others entered."

Wordserve Water Cooler - Don't Let Your Muse Be a Prima Donna: "I fell in love with words and books as a little kid, and the magic holds as much of a spell on me as it ever did. Even now, watching the letters group up into words and the words into sentences on this page pleases my eyes and settles my soul; only now I know there is nothing mysterious about the magic! I once thought of my muse as this elusive creature who must be cajoled into making an appearance. I had to attend to her every need with just the right coffee/surroundings/writing pad, etc. Otherwise, like some spoiled prima dona, she might get offended and disappear as quickly as she arrived. There’s a good country word for that sort of thing: bologna!"


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