Monday, June 18, 2012

The Morning Pages: 06-18-12

Buffalo News - Self-Publishing Via Local Bookstore: "Self-publishing has been made easier since the Espresso Book Machine by On Demand Books debuted in 2006. The machine also can make copies of out-of-print editions [...] Thor Sigvaldason, chief technology officer of New York-based On Demand Books, said the technology can help book retailers twofold. 'It can, potentially, give them a huge virtual inventory so they can have as many books as Amazon, all in a little bookstore,' he said. 'It turns independent bookstores into places to get books published. It's a new thing for the bookstore to do: not just sell books, but actually create books.'"

The Wall Street Journal - Author Finds His Own Way to Success: "Most novelists who self-publish probably earn their Rodney Dangerfield-style rants about respect. But author Sergio De La Pava is a special case. Mr. De La Pava, a 41-year-old public defender in Manhattan, spent six years writing his nearly 700-page novel, "A Naked Singularity." After another three years of trying to find an agent and publisher, he made it available online via print-on-demand in 2008. At first, nothing happened. But when a few literary websites reviewed it favorably, word of this ambitious, sprawling book spread–ultimately reaching the University of Chicago Press, which in May published the novel in its original form, save for a new cover and distribution plans. "A Naked Singularity" is in its third printing."

Copyblogger: 11 Ways to Bore the Pants Off Your Readers: "What was that you were saying? Of course you don’t ramble on like that boring old history teacher in high school. You’re likeable. You tell stories. You keep it short. But somehow, it’s not working. Your content doesn’t get the tweets, shares, and comments it deserves. Sometimes you wonder… Does your content not captivate your readers? Are they clicking away? Let’s be honest, it’s difficult to know for sure. You can’t see the doodling, the fidgeting, the yawns. But there are warning sign"

Write to Done: How to Blog and Write Your Book at the Same Time: "Many aspiring writers complain, “I know I need to blog, but I don’t have time. I’m too busy writing my book.” Or, if they whine, “I’m so busy blogging in my attempt to build an author’s platform that I can’t find the time to finish my book.” What’s an aspiring author like you to do? Simple. Blog your book."

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