Friday, June 22, 2012

The Morning Pages: 06-22-12

New Blog Alert - New Wave Authors: "Simply put, New Wave Authors is a community of Amazon authors who have come together to talk about our experience with writing, publishing... and pretty much whatever else we feel like talking about. This site is about our books and our stories. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we enjoy writing them."

Salon - Male Arrogance: "On Monday night, some 400 people attended a fundraiser at the cavernous Brooklyn Brewery, most of them people whom magazine editors in New York contend to be a rare breed: serious women writers. It was a benefit for VIDA: Women in the Literary Arts, the organization that recently shamed many editors by compiling byline statistics that showed that the “serious” journalistic publications of this country, including Harper’s, the Atlantic and the New Yorker, overwhelmingly publish men."

The Huffington Post - Making E-books Is Harder Than It Looks: "As a literary agent, I fell victim to the same false conclusions I think most readers do, that e-books are easily produced from paper books. But that's not quite true. For older books, publishers didn't own the typesetting file (the typesetter did) and those files were not usually maintained forever. So publishers often have to physically take an old book and have it scanned and then converted using OCR -- optical character recognition -- which is far from perfect. So publishers -- good ones at least -- then have the resulting file professionally proofread for scanning errors. And in a perfect world, they also ask the author to proof it again."

USA Today - Ebook Readers Slow to Borrow from Libraries: "The Pew Research Center published a survey Friday that reports around 12 percent of e-book users 16 years and older downloaded a text from the library over the past year. Earlier in 2012, Pew issued a study showing that around 20 percent of adults had read an e-book recently." Related: Most US Readers Unware of E-Books in Libraries on Amazon's Algorithm: "The $.99 price point has also been a wonderful tool for breaking into a large market and competing successfully against established names. In fact, the $.99 price is part of the strategy I used to propel Absolute Liability to the Top 100 last summer. It is less likely to work now though, and this frustrates me a bit because it removes a tool from my toolbox. What’s changed? Amazon’s algorithm." (Source:

Scribofile - Is Your Writing Safe?: "During my career as professional author and teacher and coach, I’ve run across many questions by novice writers about keeping their writing “safe”: safe from interlopers wishing to copy their precious epic; safe from the prying eyes of jealous naysayers; safe from the negative impact of those “threshold guardians” who do not believe in you and wish only to ridicule you. There’s a lot of angst out there, especially among beginning writers, about their work getting snarfed, copied and plagiarized and—these days particularly—shared casually all over the Internet."

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