Monday, July 16, 2012

The Morning Pages: 07-14-12

Time - Will Amazon Take Over the World?: "Amazon is already a behemoth of American business. It’s the 56th largest company in America by market capitalization. It’s the 15th biggest retailer in America by revenue and by far the largest Internet retailer. And in a country that seems already dominated by ecommerce, the company has a lot of room to grow. After stripping out things like gasoline sales that can’t migrate to the web, Raymond James analyst Aaron Kessler estimates that ecommerce represents roughly 12% of retail sales overall, and that that figure could double in the next ten years. And Amazon is not just growing along with internet retailing. It’s actually gaining market share in that category – by growing at three times the rate of ecommerce overall."

Publishing Perspectives - Should Agents Be Blamed for Stealing Authors?: "Agents who don’t have a roster of heavy hitters are in a much more vulnerable position. They must deal with the same publishers time and time again, likely negotiating on much more modest terms, and deliberately moving one successful author from one house to another might have long-term consequences."

The Miami Herald - 'Serious' Writers Green over Fifty Shades of Grey: "The trilogy, which was launched with Fifty Shades of Grey, has owned the top three spots on the bestseller list for more than two months, accounting for one in five adult-fiction physical books sold in the U.S. this spring. It took The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy more than three years to do what Fifty Shades has done in less than five months."

SFGate - Yelp's Trust at Risk from Phony Reviews: "Judging from recent reviews on Yelp, the Center for Counseling, Recovery & Growth was the place to go to turn your life around. The center in Torrance (Los Angeles County) racked up 14 coveted five-star ratings on the popular review site for its "warm and friendly therapists" and "beautiful offices." Many of the testimonials made similar points, sometimes in nearly identical language. That was no coincidence. Acting on a tip, Yelp uncovered what it dubbed a 'review-swapping ring' composed of members of a Los Angeles-area business networking group. Yelp said it was a coordinated effort by members to boost their ratings by posting glowing reviews about one another's businesses." via The Passive Voice

Write to Done: 10 Books for Writers - "Voice has become a buzz word in discussions of modern fiction; it is what every writer wants to have and what every reader wants to enjoy. Most writers struggle to unearth voice, not only because it is too familiar but also because it means confronting your world. You will find your voice by speaking naturally – by being yourself and not trying to be a great writer. Your voice is your most powerful tool. Your voice is how you write when you don’t have time to be elegant. Most writers infuse themselves in their work. When you read a good novel or a book, you leave with a sense that in addition to the characters, you have met a particular writer."

Writer's Digest - Lee Child Debunks the Biggest Writing Myths: "Show, Don’t Tell. Picture this: In a novel, a character wakes up and looks at himself in the mirror, noting his scars and other physical traits for the reader. 'It is completely and utterly divorced from real life,' Child said.bSo why do writers do this? Child said it’s because they’ve been beaten down by the rule of Show, Don’t Tell. 'They manufacture this entirely artificial thing.' 'We’re not story showers,' Child said. 'We’re story tellers.'"

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