Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Morning Pages - 07/25/12


Amazon has used its Kindle products to spur software sales, to much success. Time's Ben Bajarin questions whether Amazon should be in the hardware business at all.

Forget the story of "The Dark Knight Rises." It's Batman himself who can teach you to be a better writer.

Seven ways you can tell if you're a good writer. #1: Somebody said, "You're a good writer!"

Somewhere in the world, a book company made profits. They said only academic books and that "somewhere" was Asia, but still.

"Transmedia" has become something of a buzzword in the writing industry. As we look for potential new streams of income and relevance in a world of declining books sales, authors look for more balanced and innovative ways to create. Jan Bozarth tells us of her experience on Publishing Perspectives.

Also, are transmedia stories better for kids than adults?

When we think of agents, we think of professionals trained to market and promote authors. But what if the situation is actually the other way around?

E-books: Not just for mommy porn anymore. Now they're also for Jesus.


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